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The Biomacromolecules group at ETH (group of Prof. Dario Neri) is looking for a candidate to perform his/her Master Thesis in the field of DNA-encoded compound libraries.

Project description:
The candidate will identify synthetic reactions compatible with DNA-modification and develop bioconjugation protocols amenable to DNA-encoded compound library synthesis. The project involves the execution of test reactions, optimization of reaction conditions, and analytical characterization (HPLC, LCMS) of the conjugates.

About DNA-encoded compound libraries:
DECLs are compound collections in which each molecule is attached to a distinct DNA sequence, serving as identification barcode. High-throughput sequencing of the corresponding DNA-barcodes enables the identification of preferential binders, which are isolated by panning the library onto a target protein of interest, immobilized on a solid support, in full analogy to antibody phage technology. DECLs are increasingly being used in the drug discovery process in academia and industry, because of their unique ability to screen libraries of unprecedented size (e.g., millions of compounds) in a rapid and cost-effective manner.


Basic Requirements:


Prof.Dr. Dario Neri
Tel. 044 633 74 01
Dr. Raphael Franzini
Tel.: 044 633 74 53
Dr. Jörg Scheuermann
Tel.: 044 633 77 74

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