1. Agarose gels of DNA
  2. Electrocompetent E.coli cells
  3. Bacterial electroporation
  4. Preparation of media
  5. Preparation of agar plates
  6. Electroporation of libraries
  7. SDS-PAGE on vertical mini gels
  8. Western blotting
  9. Preparation of affinity resins
  10. Protein purification using the NiNTA resin
  11. Preparation of phage particles from phage vectors
  12. PCR
  13. PCR screening
  14. Gene shuffling
  15. Running 2D-PAGE
  16. Silver staining of 2D-gels
  17. Coomassie staining of 2D-gels
  18. Scanning 2D gels
  19. In-gel digestion of proteins
  20. SYPRO Ruby Protein Gel Stain
  21. Affinity measurements by band-shift assay
  22. Affinity measurements by competition ELISA
  23. Protein expression in Pichia
  24. Culturing HEK 293 Cells
  25. Culturing fibroblast
  26. Culturing endothelial cells
  27. Transfection of kidney cell line.
  28. Generating stable cell lines in HEK293
  29. Protocols for the preparation of tumour cells for s.c. injections
  30. Preparation of cryopreserving medium
  31. Protocols for the preparation of cryotubes of tumour cells
  32. Protocols for the CAM assay
  33. Protocols for the immunohistochemistry
  34. Pellet preparation for the cornea micropocket assay
  35. DNA sequencing using the ABI Prism sequencer
  36. ETH-2 library protocols: on-line or in Word format
  37. Buffers
  38. Praktikum1
  39. Praktikum2

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